Bug Fixes in Ready! API 1.7

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

In version 1.7, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

Ready! API Platform

  • A number of memory leaks have been eliminated. (API-4541)

  • The Switch Workspace dialog was unable to find .xml files. (SOAP-5169)

  • Ready! API removed trailing spaces in projects', test cases' or test steps' properties. (API-4704)

  • Ready! API did not save the Outgoing WSS property value (it is in request authentication settings). (SOAP-4066)

  • Ready! API could hang after you opened a large project in it. (API-4088)

  • Ready! API could crash if you switched to the HTML response view and the response had contents of the image/jpeg type. (API-4320)

  • An exception could occur when you opened SoapUI Pro composite projects in Ready! API. (API-1972)

  • It was impossible to import requirement settings from a .csv file on macOS (it was impossible to select a .csv file in the Open File dialog). (API-4696)

  • Ready! API did not delete temporary files that it downloaded when running from a command line. (API-4597)

  • Ready! API did not clone proxy settings of environments. (SOAP-5034)


  • Ready! API cleared authentication settings in the Auth Manager dialog after you selected another test case. (SOAP-5116)

  • Importing a WADL from a URL could cause errors. (SOAP-4445)

  • If the Follow Redirects property of a REST request was true, then Ready! API changed the request type from POST to GET when repeating the request to the "new" URL. (SOAP-5245)

  • REST requests simulated after certain SOAP requests could produce a null URL in the request header. (SOAP-5252)

  • A number of issues with assertions have been fixed:

    • JsonPath assertions did not work for JSON arrays. (SOAP-4579)

    • The JsonPath RegEx Match assertion worked incorrectly in comparison with earlier versions of the product. (SOAP-5226)

    • The JsonPath Match assertion could cause an InvalidPathException. (SOAP-5217)

    • The JsonPath Match assertion duplicated brackets in extracted data. (SOAP-5249)

    • The JsonPath Match assertion did not work if the expression contained the [...] token. (SOAP-5149)

    • The JsonPath Match assertion code raised an exception if the checked path had a space. (SOAP-5241)

    • The XQuery Match assertion worked incorrectly in certain cases. (SOAP-5244)

  • For certain requests, Ready! API could fail to display request parameters in the Form view. (SOAP-5186)

  • The DataSink test step reported an error when working with Excel files. This happened if you clicked "(Re)Generate Properties" and specified the row number that corresponded to the last data row in the Excel sheet. (SOAP-5308)

  • There was an issue with multiple Virt Runner test steps stopping Virts in series: only first of them actually worked. (SOAP-5173)

  • If the Send Mail test step had no Login and Password specified, it used the property values of the previously run Send Mail test step. (SOAP-5331)

  • The TestRunner's -i command-line argument did not work. (SOAP-5187)

  • If you interrupted a test case execution, close and then re-open the test case, the status of the Run and Stop button for a test case was wrong: the Run button was disabled and Stop was enabled. (SOAP-4852)


  • The Ready! API Maven plugin did not run individual load tests specified in the .pom file. (API-4370)

  • The Ready! API Maven plugin generated results that confirm neither JUnit, nor Maven Sunfire format. (LOADUI-4270)

  • Two issues with the Setup and Teardown Script edit boxes have been fixed:

    • The informative text before these edit boxes mentioned the testRunner object while it should mention loadTestRunner instead. (LOADUI-4275)

    • The Code Completion window did not work for the loadTestRunner object. (LOADUI-4275)

  • When a test reached the virtual user limit set by the license, LoadUI NG displayed an incorrect warning message. (LOADUI-4271)

  • Exceptions of the InterruptedException type could occur at the end of the load test run. (SOAP-5248)


  • Security scans did not overwrite request parameters of the PLAIN type. (API-4670)

  • SoapUI Pro projects could have multiple security tests of the same name. Ready! API displayed a strange message when you opened such a legacy project in Ready! API and then saved it as a composite project of the new format. (API-4649)

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