Applies to ReadyAPI 3.3.2, last modified on September 18, 2020

Many ReadyAPI users formerly used SoapUI OS, SoapUI Pro, LoadUI, or LoadUI Pro. Here are some guides on how to move from those environments to ReadyAPI.

From ReadyAPI 1.x

ReadyAPI projects are fully backwards-compatible. You do not need to perform any additonal actions when moving to a later version. Your preferences and workspace settings will be imported automatically.

From SoapUI Open Source or SoapUI Pro

Projects created in SoapUI are compatible with ReadyAPI. Open the project in ReadyAPI to convert it to the new format and use it immediately.

After you convert your project to ReadyAPI format, moving back to SoapUI will make all features unique to ReadyAPI no longer available. For example, LoadUI tests are not backwards-compatible.

For information on interface changes, see Migrating to ReadyAPI From SoapUI Open Source.

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