Migrating to ReadyAPI From SoapUI or SoapUI Pro

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.52, last modified on April 18, 2024

ReadyAPI is based on SoapUI. You can open your SoapUI projects directly in ReadyAPI and run your tests there.

Converting SoapUI Projects

ReadyAPI can work directly with SoapUI projects. It does not use a different project format, so you can still open your project in SoapUI.

After you convert your project to the ReadyAPI format, there will be no guarantee that it can be opened in SoapUI. Also, there is no way to move ReadyAPI's features back to SoapUI. For instance, all Pro features or performance tests are not backwards-compatible.

Finding Features In ReadyAPI

In ReadyAPI, some features are located in places other than you expect them to be in.

API Definitions -> APIs

You can find your API definitions in APIs. There, you can see all API definitions for all of your projects at once.

For more information, see Working with Projects.

TestSteps -> Functional Tests

You can find your functional tests in Functional Tests. There, you can work with them in the same way you work with your tests in SoapUI.

You can also use the APIs window to quickly access API definition added to the project you are working with.

For more information, see the topics of the Functional Testing section.

Load Tests -> Performance Tests

See Migrating From SoapUI Load Tests for a full description of the differences between SoapUI load tests and ReadyAPI performance tests.

Security Tests

You can find your security tests in the Security Tests node in the Navigator. Security tests now belong to the project, but still target individual test cases. Like in SoapUI, you can use the security scans to test security of your service. ReadyAPI expands SoapUI functionality and offers new features such as comparing the results of your tests.

For more information, see the topics of the Security Tests section.

MockServices -> APIs (Virtual)

You can find your mock services in APIs (Virtual). In APIs (Virtual), you can customize the virtual API on a single screen with a simpler interface.

For more information, see the topics of the Testing with Virtual Services section.

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