Activate Fixed User License in Private Network

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

This page is related to the new SmartBear ID-based licenses that we’ve introduced in ReadyAPI 3.8.1.
In this version, we included support for SmartBear-hosted ID-based (online) licenses. Furthermore, from version 3.40.0, we added support for on-premise hosted and offline ID-based licenses.


SmartBear offers a special license type – offline – that can be used on computers that have no access to the SmartBear license servers. The word offline means the license is controlled by the licensing subsystems on your side, not by SmartBear license servers available online.

Below is a step-by-step instruction for activating a Fixed User offline license. If you are a licensed user (the person who will run and use ReadyAPI), you will need assistance from your license administrator to perform some steps.

Prerequisites (for license administrator)

  • Offline licensing is disabled by default. The license administrator (the person on your side who controls your licenses on the SmartBear Licensing Portal.) should send a message to your SmartBear Sales Representative to ask them to enable offline licensing.

    Note: Your license must have no users assigned in order to be converted. Unassign any users before requesting conversion.
  • After the Sales Representatives enables offline licensing on the Portal, the license administrator needs to convert your license to an offline one.

You can find complete information on how to do this in the Licensing Portal documentation.

Activation steps (for both user and license admins)

  • Start ReadyAPI

  • Go to Help > License Manager

    open license manager

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Select Install Offline License. Please Note: This is separate from the Install License button at bottom of the screen.

    manage license UI

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  • ReadyAPI will invoke the Install Offline License dialog:

    slm offline dialogue

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  • Your machine’s fingerprint includes specific data that lets the license server bind the license to your machine.

    You need to copy and pass the fingerprint data to your license administrator. You can copy it to the clipboard. When you copy the fingerprint data to the clipboard, you can send it to the license administrator via your internal communication application (e.g., Slack) or email.

    Don’t close the dialog box.

  • Now, the license administrator should get the license data for your computer’s fingerprint on the SmartBear Licensing Portal. You can find detailed instructions in the Licensing Portal documentation. Below is a brief reminder.

  • License administrator selects Assign Offline License.

    slm assign offline

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  • License administrator enters fingerprint data received from user, downloads file and assigns the license.

    slm insert fingerprint

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    slm fingerprint inserted

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  • License administrator can open the .DAT file in Notepad and send the license data from the file to the user to install the product (or send the .DAT file to user to extract the license data).

  • In the Install Offline License dialog, the user enters the offline license data. Click OK:

    enter offline license data

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  • License is installed and activated.

    offline license activated

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Activation of a Fixed User offline license binds this license to your computer. If you want to use the license on another machine, you must release it on your computer first. Please go to Free an Offline Fixed User License for details.

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