Activating Fixed Licenses on Headless Machines in Silent Mode

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.46, last modified on May 18, 2023

This page is related to file-based licenses — a legacy license type used in ReadyAPI 3.46. This license type will be sunsetted from October 2023. For information on the current ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

The command-line License Manager can install licenses in silent mode.

  1. Download the License Manager from the SmartBear website.

    Note: The License Manager requires Java 12. You can use Java shipped with ReadyAPI or download the required version from
  2. Open license-manager.bat (or the .sh file on Linux and macOS) in any text editor.

  3. Add the required system properties to the JAVA_OPTS variable. Here are the properties you need to specify:

    • licenseFilePath – the path to the license file.

    • firstName – your first name.

    • lastName – your last name.

    • email – your email.

    How to modify the .bat file

    How to modify the .sh file

  4. Run the License Manager script file with the -c option:

    • For example, if you use Java shipped with ReadyAPI, perform the following commands:

      cd <ReadyAPI directory>\jre\bin
      <path to license manager>\license-manager.bat -c
    • If you use Java 12 installed in your operating system, perform the following command:

      license-manager.bat -c

The License Manager will activate the specified license. You will not have to perform any additional actions.

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