Activating Fixed Licenses on Headless Machines in Silent Mode

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024
Important Notice for ReadyAPI Customers

ReadyAPI has moved to SmartBear License Management and from October 2023, file-based licensing will be retired. As of September 2023, all licenses issued for your subscription term will be ID-based licenses by default. If you are not currently on ID-based licensing, it's time to migrate immediately. File-based licensing will no longer be supported as of October 2023. This means that technical support requests related to file-based licensing will not be accommodated. If you encounter technical issues that you're unable to resolve, it could lead to service interruption. For customers still in the process of migration, we recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to discuss your migration plan. Alternatively, you can log a support request with our Customer Care Team for assistance.

For more details regarding licensing support, please refer to this link.

The command-line License Manager can install licenses in silent mode.

  1. Download the License Manager from the SmartBear website.

    Note: The License Manager requires Java 12. You can use Java shipped with ReadyAPI or download the required version from
  2. Open license-manager.bat (or the .sh file on Linux and macOS) in any text editor.

  3. Add the required system properties to the JAVA_OPTS variable. Here are the properties you need to specify:

    • licenseFilePath – the path to the license file.

    • firstName – your first name.

    • lastName – your last name.

    • email – your email.

    How to modify the .bat file

    How to modify the .sh file

  4. Run the License Manager script file with the -c option:

    • For example, if you use Java shipped with ReadyAPI, perform the following commands:

      cd <ReadyAPI directory>\jre\bin
      <path to license manager>\license-manager.bat -c
    • If you use Java 12 installed in your operating system, perform the following command:

      license-manager.bat -c

The License Manager will activate the specified license. You will not have to perform any additional actions.

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