Managing Workspaces

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

You can organize workspaces in several ways. You can create and rename workspaces, switch between them and load them from a file. You can also quickly remove all the projects from a workspace.

You can have only one active workspace at a time.

Creating a new workspace

To create a new workspace:

  1. Select File > Workspace > New Workspace.

  2. The New Workspace dialog will appear.

    The New Workspace dialog
  3. Specify the workspace name in the dialog. Click OK.

  4. Specify a directory to store your workspace file.

Renaming workspaces

To rename the current workspace:

  • Select File > Workspace > Rename Workspace.

  • The Rename Workspace dialog will appear.

    Renaming the workspace
  • Change the current workspace name. Click OK.

The original name of the workspace file in the specified directory will remain the same. You can see the new workspace name in the Navigator and in the workspace file.

Switching between workspaces

You can switch between workspaces either by opening the corresponding workspace file or by switching to a recently used workspace.

To switch between existing workspaces:

  1. Select File > Workspace > Switch Workspace.

  2. Browse to the needed workspace file. Select it and click Open.

If you have unsaved projects in the current workspace, you will see the Switch Workspace dialog.

Saving projects before switching the workspaces

Click Yes to save the projects and open them in the new workspace.

Clearing workspaces

To remove all the projects from the current workspace:

  1. Select File > Workspace > Clear Workspace.

  2. The Clear Workspace dialog will appear.

    Clearing the workspace
  3. Click Yes.

After clearing the workspace, you can add new projects to it and continue working.

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