SOAP Interface Endpoints Page

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

The Endpoints page is the central place where you manage endpoints used in the SOAP API.

Testing SOAP APIs in ReadyAPI: The Endpoints page

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You can configure the following options:

Option Description


The endpoint URL or destination.

The host cannot contain underscores.


An environment associated with the endpoint.

You can create only one endpoint associated with each environment. When you add a new endpoint associated to the same environment, the new endpoint will overwrite the existing one.
No Environments should be selected if you need to hit different endpoints in the same test case. The base API will remain the same, but will also allow for flexibility when configuring the requests contained in the functional tests.

Authorization Profile

An authorization profile used to access the endpoint.

Work with environments

When you do not use an environment, you can assign any endpoint that is not associated with an environment to SOAP API requests. In this case, the request or test step will send a request to the specified endpoint. Once you change the endpoint, it will be updated in all the requests and test steps using it:

Testing SOAP APIs in ReadyAPI: Set endpoins without environments

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When you set an environment, all the API requests and test steps will use the endpoint associated with this environment:

Testing SOAP APIs in ReadyAPI: Set endpoins with environments

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In ReadyAPI 3.5.2 and earlier, you could set up WS-Security on the Endpoints page. The page was reworked in 3.6.0 and no longer has this feature. If you update from 3.5.2 to a newer version, your WS-Security settings from the Endpoints page will be lost, and you will have to recreate them using the WS-Security Configuration dialog.

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