Outgoing WS-Security Configurations

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.54, last modified on July 23, 2024

Outgoing WSS configurations are used to process outgoing messages, for example, to encrypt them, add signatures to them, and so on. In ReadyAPI, these configurations can be applied to SOAP requests simulated by ReadyAPI Test functional and security tests, as well as ReadyAPI Performance tests and responses generated by SOAP virtual services.

Each configuration contains an arbitrary number of entries that correspond to WSS actions to be performed against the outgoing message.

The Outgoing WS-Security Configurations tab

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WS-Security Configurations Table

The table at the top of the dialog contains a list of specified WS-Security configurations. Click on the toolbar to add a new configuration. This will prompt for a unique name for the configuration. To remove the selected configuration, click on the toolbar.

The following columns are available in the Outgoing WS-Security Configurations table:

Column Description

A unique configuration name.

Default Username/Alias

The default user name or alias used in entries.

Default Password

The default password used with the username / alias.


The name of the unique actor used to identify the WS-Security header.

Must Understand

If selected, the server must be able to understand the header content to receive messages. Otherwise, the server does not need to understand the header.

WS-Security Entries Editor

When you select a configuration, you can modify the list of the WS-Security entries applied to it. For information on working with specific entries, see WS-Security Entry Types. To add a new entry to a configuration, click on the panel toolbar. To remove an entry, click remove.

By default, ReadyAPI adds the specified WS-S entries to the SOAP header in reverse order. It means that the last entry in the list will be the first entry in the header, the last but one will be the second one, and so on. To move the selected entry up and down within the list, use and respectively. To use the order accepted by most servers, click . In this case, ReadyAPI will automatically use the appropriate order. If you have Encryption in the list, it is always the last entry.

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