Team Task Board

Applies to QAComplete 14.3, last modified on February 19, 2024

The Team Task Board screen provides a quick snapshot of the assignments for the members of your team.

Tip: You can access the team task board not only from Home, but from other main toolbar items, as well.

By default, the team task board displays tasks for the current project and currently active user.

Column Description
To Do Lists the tasks that have not been started yet.
In progress Lists the tasks in progress.
Completed Shows the tasks finished within the selected date range.
Tip: You can change the date range at the top of the Completed column.

Each column has the plus/minus icon. Click to expand or collapse the contents of this column.

To filter out the display, use the drop-down lists to change the project, release, team member, or artifact (item type).


Assignments appear on color-coded task cards.

  • White cards show tasks on target and those not yet due.

  • Red cards show tasks that are past due.

  • Green cards show tasks that are due on the current day.

Tip: You can collapse or expand each available task.
The team task board

Click the image to enlarge it.

To open the Edit form for a task, click its ID.

Each item type is represented by a particular icon:

Icon Description
Agile tasks

Post hours

You and other team members can post hours directly to any assignments. To do that:

  1. Click the Post Hours link that appears on the task card.

  2. On the subsequent Post my Hours form, enter the work hours and, optionally, description.

    The Post My Hours form

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    Note: The task and current date will be selected automatically.
  3. Click Submit to apply your changes.

Change the status of the task

To change the status of the task, simply drag the task card between columns.

The team task board items

Click the image to enlarge it.

When dragging and dropping cards, QAComplete will change the percentage automatically:

  • From To Do to In Progress – The percentage is changed to 1%.

  • From In Progress to Completed – The percentage is changed to 100%. The completion date is set to the current date.

  • From Completed to In Progress – The percentage is changed to 99%.

You can drag tasks from In Progress back to To Do only if there are no actual hours posted to the task. In this case, the task can be moved, and the percentage is changed to 0.

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