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Features Added to QAComplete 9.8.0 and 9.7.9, February 2013

Applies to QAComplete 12.94 SaaS, last modified on December 06, 2021
  • Test Library allows you to filter into test steps.

  • Test Set Ad-Hoc report allows you to select test set data in an ad hoc, spreadsheet type format. You can even define a filter for the report that will drill down into the tests within the set – and the test steps within the tests within the Set.

  • Test Run Ad Hoc report provides the ability to select and search through your test run results, You can filter for runs for a given date range, release, test set, and so on.

  • The Test Runner now saves your results at each step, instead of at the end of each Test.

  • Requirement titles no longer need to be unique.

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