Bug Fixes in QAComplete 9.8.0 - 9.7.8 - Feb, 2013

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
798844 Reports Corrected a connection error when running the Requirements Missing Tests report.
798969 Run History Corrected a typo in Run Time Formatted on the Run History screen.
798826 Test Runner Users who cannot edit test steps (security setting) can now post actual results during a test run.
798619 Email Alerts Improved response time when updating email alerts for multiple users.
7797835 Import The Test Library import can now handle line breaks within a step or expected result.
798305 Login Corrected log in process when a user belongs to multiple accounts (multiple departments).
798279 Performance Further improvements in performance, particularly related to the Test Runner.
796557 Reports Corrected the Test Coverage Run Details by Requirement report for items linked or not linked to releases or configurations.
796667 Reports Added the ability to run the Test Library Last Run Status by Requirement report for all projects.
797991 Reports Corrections were made to the Agile Task Time Entry by Assignee report.
798447 Reports Made dates appear consistently on the printer-friendly view.
798171 Run History Corrected the test run history to return correct details when a test has changed between runs.
799259 Team Task Board Corrected the release filter on the team task board.
795509 Browser Correcting handling choice list values in Google Chrome
797306 Escalation Rules Enabled Escalation Rules for the Test Library.
797533 Export Exporting the Test Library Ad Hoc Detail report now includes steps and expected results.
797470 Setup Corrected moving custom fields in screen layouts.
797965 Test Runner Added handling long release names in the Test Runner.

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