Features Added to QAComplete 12.61, Oct 2020

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024

SaaS 12.61

  • Test Runner has the new Link Defect button to create a defect or to link the test to an existing defect during the test run.

  • You can now share the current view with any QAComplete user by copying its URL from the address bar.

  • A new report template, Test Sets Detail Report, is now available on the Reports screen. Use it to create reports for your test sets.

  • You can now use the Insert File and Insert Image actions of rich text editors to insert links to files attached to the current item.

  • When importing items form a CSV file, QAComplete now automatically creates a folder and subfolders based on the data in the CSV file.

  • When creating a filter condition, you can now compare the values of the Owner and Assigned To fields.

  • You can now delete items on the Run History tab when editing tests or test sets.

  • You can now bulk edit test schedules by using Fast Edit.

  • You can now navigate to a folder by clicking the pencil icon above an item list and specifying the folder path in the /Folder/Subfolder format.

  • A number of bugs reported by our customers have been fixed.

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