Bug Fixes in QAComplete 12.61 - Oct 25, 2020

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on June 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-11599 Reports Fixed: The description of reports you generate on the Reports > Legacy Reports > Requirements Reports > Release Report page was truncated if the description was large.
QAC-13339 Jira Integration Fixed: Sometimes, you couldn’t synchronize Jira issues with QAComplete defects and requirements.
QAC-13447 Test Management Fixed: In certain cases, the Set Parameters dialog didn’t appear when you started a test or a test set run.
QAC-13459 Jira Integration Fixed: Sometimes, after synchronization, QAComplete replaced the content of Jira text fields with irrelevant data.
QAC-13466 Reports Test steps containing Call Test references were blank in the Test Library Details report.
QAC-13468 Reports Wrong test step order in Test Runs Detail Reports.
QAC-13480 Test Management The Execution Type field on the Edit form got empty upon updating the value of a custom field by using REST API.
QAC-13482 Jira Integration The integration link was not updated after moving a Jira issue synchronized with QAComplete to another Jira project.
QAC-13483 Test Management The Resume button in the test and test set lists didn’t resume the latest test run started by the currently logged in user.
QAC-13484 Charts The Test Runs By Release and Test Set Runs By Release charts showed no data for inactive releases.
QAC-13490 Project Creation An error occurred when creating a project if you copied the settings of another project to the new project.
QAC-13507 Charts The Test Sets by Last Run Status chart showed the Not Run segment for all test sets that had not been started in the selected release despite whether the test set was linked to the release or not.
QAC-13508 Email Alerts Sometimes, users didn’t get a notification when items were assigned to them.

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