Features Added to QAComplete 11.3, January 2017

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 19, 2024
  • QAComplete Integration for JIRA plugin. The plugin enables a new way to synchronize QAComplete defects and requirements with JIRA issues:

    • The integration is available for both the SaaS and On-Premises QAComplete versions.

    • Integration is cloud-based. To enable the integration, you only need to install the plugin in JIRA. Unlike the previous version of the integration, you do not need to install and configure the integration service on your QAComplete server.

    • You connect to JIRA and control the synchronization directly from QAComplete.

    • Creating synchronization rules has become more intuitive.

    • The synchronization is real-time. When you update an item in one system, the corresponding item is updated in another system immediately.

  • Updated REST API:

    • New operations to work with test sets are added.

  • The Test Runner UI was improved slightly:

    • Working with Rich Text edit fields in the Test Runner has become easier.

Discontinued support

The QAComplete - JIRA Connector standalone service is obsolete. We do not recommend that you use it to synchronize your QAComplete items with JIRA issues. Use the QAComplete Integration for JIRA plugin instead.

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