Features Added to QAComplete 10.1, May 2015

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
  • New QAC-JIRA Connector:

    • The updated QAC-JIRA Connector Version 1.2 uses the JIRA REST service and is compatible with JIRA 5.0 to 7.0.

      Note: The field formats used by the REST service may differ from the previous SOAP service. If you have mapping rules configured in an earlier version of the connector, please check the mapping and correct any missing fields.
    • Now you can synchronize QAComplete > ALMComplete requirements and defects with JIRA issues.

    • You can synchronize user accounts, statuses, priorities, and resolutions in JIRA and QAComplete > ALMComplete using drop-down lists of values.

    • QAComplete > ALMComplete notes are synchronized with comments in JIRA automatically.

    • File attachments are now synchronized across QAComplete > ALMComplete and JIRA automatically.

    • You can restore links between synchronized items (for example, after re-installing the tool) using your existing profile.

      Download the new JIRA Connector here.

  • You can now work with QAComplete > ALMComplete pages in multiple tabs of the same browser.

  • Security administrators can now log out inactive users.

  • You can attach files from an item’s list of attachments to emails you send with the Send Email feature.

  • The Link Items dialog remembers the items you selected and chooses them automatically next time you open the dialog. Use the new Remember last selected linked item system option to enable or disable this feature.

  • Changes in test automation: now you can set the Report Type parameter to No Reports (no reports are generated during an automated test run). This allows you to automate test runs with SoapUI OS Free.

  • Title fields are expanded to 255 characters for better integration with other tools.

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