Bug Fixes in QAComplete 10.1 - May/Jun, 2015

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on May 20, 2024
Id Functional Area Summary
QAC-856 Active Directory Authentication (On-premises only) Resolve error that occurred the first time a new LDAP user logs in.
QAC-1015 Active Directory Authentication (On-premises only) Fix the Sort by Active Directory search value on the list of users.
QAC-798 Agile Tasks (On-premises only) Correct the labels on the Agile Task Burndown chart.
QAC-690 Browser Support Chrome: Correct a display issue when zooming in.
QAC-1266 Browser Support Correction for Safari iOS browser support.
QAC-1266 Browser Support Correction for Internet Explorer 8 browser support (Internet Explorer is being phased out).
QAC-789 Email Alerts Fix email notifications for alternative app codes, such as agWIC.
QAC-793 Email Alerts Canceling out of send email returned an erroneous Access is Denied message.
QAC-860 Email Alerts Correct the link to the login page for email alerts.
QAC-887 Fast Edit Allow resizing of the right panel on the Fast Edit screen. This also fixes the issue with deeply nested folder and subfolder structure when moving from folder to folder.
QAC-1107 Fast Edit Make right side frame re-sizable on the Fast Edit screen.
QAC-1276 Fast Edit Correct the scroll bar on the Fast Edit screen right side frame.
QAC-1157 Import Populate the list of import IDs properly when deleting an import batch.
QAC-290 Import Users Remove obsolete option to change passwords when importing users, since the new users get a link to set their own passwords.
QAC-291 Import Users Create a unique import batch ID for each import of users, and add logic for deleting the imported batch.
CC-2819 Import Users Newly imported users displayed an erroneous single log in attempt.
QAC-862 JIRA Connector Optimize the delete function of the synchronization.
QAC-910 JIRA Connector Handle JIRA multi-select fields in the JIRA Connector.
QAC-1080 JIRA Connector Correct synchronization error on the GetItemsFromDate method.
QAC-1106 JIRA Connector Correct data parsing to handle synchronization data.
QAC-773 Login Allow !@#$%^&*()_+![]{}|:;',.?<> characters in user passwords.
QAC-904, 1159 Login Verify project access at login: If permission to a project is removed, make sure user directs to correct project.
QAC-870 Performance Optimize performance of loading the Defects screen.
QAC-993 Performance Optimize performance for the Release report and the Test Library Detail by Requirement report.
QAC-1000 Performance Optimize performance of the Test Library by Assignee dashboard.
QAC-1032 Performance Optimize performance of Fast Edit.
QAC-950 Reports Rename uploaded RPT files correctly with .zip extension.
QAC-866 Setup Ensure the Is Logged On checkbox shows accurate logged on status for all users.
QAC-878 Setup Correct the filtering in Users to include the Show Deleted Users logic.
QAC-903 Setup When creating a new project from scratch, include the New status in the default defect status list.
QAC-680,1194 Setup > Security Remove Security Entities Maintenance from Setup since these options should not be modified.
QAC-1022 Setup > Security Improve the performance of modifying security group privileges.
QAC-1153 Setup > Security Correct the possible security issue with cross site scripting (verify encoding for user input).
QAC-963 Support Manager Internal: Corrected permissions to handle support manager attachments.
QAC-1052 Team Task Board Correct the total hours on the To Do column: Use original Estimate (Est Hours).
QAC-829 Test Automation Editing automations should be controlled by Test Management permissions, not administrator permissions.
QAC-891 Test Automation Optimize the test hosts update trigger.
QAC-1030 Test Automation Correct the last run status for passed test when the log file cannot be uploaded.
QAC-1109 Test Automation Correct paging when editing test automations in the Test Library.
QAC-1129 Test Automation For SoapUI OS Open Source, provide a No Report option in the Report Type drop-down list.
QAC-1140 Test Automation Correction to make sure the active users session is used properly when Use Active Session is set.
QAC-869 Test Library Add New Test was opening your most recently created test.
QAC-1053 Test Management and Security Permissions Correct security permission logic for test steps.
QAC-766, 631 Test Runner Ensure updates are saved when closing the Test Runner.
QAC-831 Test Runner When running a test from the Test Library, the Create Defect dialog was appearing twice.
QAC-1089 Test Runner Correct the auto-creation of a defect when running a single test from the Test Library.
QAC-1264 Test Runner Open XLSX attachments while running tests.
QAC-1277 Test Runner Prevent erroneous locking message when running tests or test sets.
QAC-325 Test Sets Change Default Host Name to Run By Host on the list of tests within a test set.
QAC-834 Traceability Show Traceability view was turning back on when folders were added.
QAC-843 Web Service Correct the handling of Create Defect from Failed Test Case in the web service methods.
QAC-872 Web Service When uploading attachments to tests with SOAP API, use the correct security entity to check permissions.
QAC-1195 Workflow Save workflow transitions when selecting a new status in the combo box.
QAC-568 Installation (On-Premises) Change description of QAComplete server services to identify them as SmartBear services.
  Installation (On-Premises) Automatically populate values in the registry configuration tool.
  Installation (On-Premises) Populate default values in components.
  Installation (On-Premises) The proprietary application pool automatically configured for the web applications.
  Installation (On-Premises) Automatically launch Password Encryption Tool as part of the installer.
  Installation (On premises) Automatically load application URL to open the license key tool.
  Installation (On-Premises) Support for SQL Server 2014.
  Installation (On-Premises) Installation guide uses images for Windows Server 2012.

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