SaaS and On-Premises

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

QAComplete is shipped both as the Software as a Service solution and the standalone on-premises installation package. These two QAComplete versions have much in common, except for the general idea and several specific features.

This topic describes the main differences between the on-premises and SaaS versions of QAComplete, so you can decide which version suits you best.

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Software as a Service

The Software as a Service solution is a cloud version of QAComplete, located on Its primary features are:

  • Requires no investment in hardware.

  • Requires no specific IT resources. The only thing you need for working with QAComplete is a computer with one of the recommended browsers installed and the Internet connection.

  • Requires no investment in the IT team from your side.

  • Updates are seamless and require no effort on your side. They are scheduled regularly, and you get access to new features as soon as they become available.


The self-hosted on-premises QAComplete version provides you with access to additional features. The main differences from the SaaS solution are:

  • Requires your own server, both on the hardware and software sides.

    Note: Please see the Administrator Guide to learn more about system requirements.
  • Requires management by your IT team.

  • Supports the Active Directory integration.

  • Supports custom dashboards, report templates, and report scheduling.

  • Supports licensing management.

  • Supports custom fields with values based on SQL queries and sublists.

  • Updates require downloading of the update package and some actions from your side.

To learn more about specific on-premises features, please see the corresponding section of the QAComplete documentation.

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