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Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024


Contains information on tests grouped by releases.



AssignedToName  :  varchar (max 78 chars), allows null: yes

The name of the user to whom the associated item is assigned, in the Last name, First name format.

LastRunDate  :  datetime, allows null: yes

The date and time when the test was last run.

The stored date and time are based on the server’s time zone. For more information, see Date and Time Fields.

LastRunTestSetTitle  :  nvarchar (max 100 chars, or 202 bytes), allows null: yes

The title of the test set used for the most recent run.

NbrBugs  :  int, allows null: no

The number of bugs in the related release linked to the test.

ReleaseId  :  int, allows null: no

The ID of the related release, iteration, or build.

StatusCode  :  nvarchar (max 100 chars, or 202 bytes), allows null: no

The status of the test based on the choice list. The values of this choice list are stored in the Validations Table table. They correspond to the items whose values equal TestStatus in the ValidationType column.

Title  :  nvarchar (max 255 chars, or 512 bytes), allows null: no

The title of the test.

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