SupportManagerProperties Table

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022


Stores the properties of support managers.


The table contains the following columns:

PropertyId  :  int, primary key, allows null: no

The unique item identifier.

ManagerId  :  int, allows null: no

The ID of the related support manager.

DateCreated  :  datetime, allows null: no

The date and time the item was created.

The stored date and time are based on the server’s time zone. For more information, see Date and Time Fields.

IndexOfProperty  :  int, allows null: yes

The ordinal number of the property to which the item relates.

PropertyName  :  varchar (max 100 chars), allows null: no

The name of the property item.

PropertyValue  :  varchar (max), allows null: yes

The value of the property item.

UpdateUserId  :  int, allows null: no

The ID of the user who last updated the item.

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