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PPResource Object

Applies to QAComplete 12.94 SaaS, last modified on December 06, 2021

The PPResource object stores information on a resource (a user) used to complete tasks in a project plan. The ProjectPlan.Resources property of a project plan contains a list of PPResource objects that store information on resources allocated for the plan.

To work with plan resources, you need a user account that belongs to a security group that has the Read, Add, and Update privileges for Project Plan Maintenance (Project Manager).


UserId  :  integer

The ID of the resource assigned to the project plan.

PersonName  :  string (max 100 chars)

The name of the resource (user) assigned to the project plan, in the Last name, First name format.

StandardRate  :  decimal

Resource cost per hour.



  <PersonName>Doe, John</PersonName>

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