ProjectPlan Object

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

A ProjectPlan object represents a plan that belongs to a project in QAComplete. Using the QAComplete SOAP API, you can get plans in your project. You can also export the plans to and import them from Microsoft Project.

To manage plans, you need a user account that belongs to a security group that has the following privileges:

  • Read, Add, and Update for Project Plan Maintenance (Project Manager).

You can view and set privileges in  > Setup > Security > Security Group > Manage Security Rights.

To import project plans to and export them from Microsoft Project, you must also have a plug-in to MS Project installed on your computer.


ProjPlanId  :  integer

The unique identifier of the project plan.

Name  :  string (max 100 chars)

The plan name.

OwnerUserId  :  integer

The ID of the user who owns the plan. 0 if no user owns the plan.

OwnerName  :  string (max 78 chars)

The name of the user, who owns the plan, in the Last name, First name format.

AssigneeUserId  :  integer

The ID of the user to whom the plan is assigned. 0 if the plan is not assigned to anyone.

AssignedToName  :  string (max 78 chars)

The name of the user, to whom the plan is assigned, in the Last name, First name format.

StatusCode  :  string (max 100 chars)

The status of the plan. Possible values are based on the choice list.

ActPctComplete  :  integer

Actual percentage of the plan completing. Default: 0.

ImportId  :  integer

The ID of the operation that imported the project plan from Microsoft Project. 0 if the plan was not imported.

Tasks  :  array of PPTask

The list of tasks that belong to the plan you are exporting to or importing from Microsoft Project.

Resources  :  array of PPResource

The list of resources (users) that are used to perform tasks in the plan.

Relevant Operations


Some string property values are based on choice lists defined in your QAComplete project. You can find these values in Project Management > Project Plans > Actions > Manage Choice Lists.



  <Name>Application BETA Schedule</Name>
  <OwnerUserName>Doe, John</OwnerUserName>
  <AssigneeUserName>Doe, John</AssigneeUserName>

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