Applies to QAComplete 12.30 SaaS, last modified on August 15, 2019

QAComplete Test Automation REST API provides the following resources and operations:

Operation HTTP Method Description
/depts GET Returns the departments to which a user belongs.
/hosts POST Adds a new test host.
/hosts?name={HostName} GET Returns a test host by name.
/hosts/{HostId} GET Returns a test host by ID.
/hosts/{HostId} PATCH Updates host information.
/hosts/{HostId}/currentruns GET Returns pending tests for a test host.
/hosts/{HostId}/runs/{RunId}/items/{SequenceNumber} PATCH Sets the test status.
/hosts/{HostId}/runs/{RunId}/items/{SequenceNumber}/logs POST Uploads a TestComplete log for the test run.
/hosts/{HostId}/runs/{RunId}/items/{SequenceNumber}/report POST Uploads an MHT log for the test run.
/hosts/{HostId}/runs/{RunId}/items/{SequenceNumber}/script GET Returns an automation script assigned to the test.

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