Delete Users Permanently (On-Premises Only)

Applies to QAComplete 14.1 SaaS, last modified on February 28, 2022
Use with caution. Deleting users permanently cannot be undone.

When you perform a soft delete of a user, the user record becomes inactive, and all the user’s rights to access the application are revoked. However, the user record remains in the application database.

There may be a situation when you want to remove the user record completely. You can do it if the appropriate user has never logged in to the application. Otherwise, if you delete a user who has worked with the application, issues may occur. For example, the Owned By and Updated By fields may be empty for some items.

To delete a user permanently:

  1. Go to  > Setup.

  2. Select Security > Permanently Delete Users on the navigation panel on the left.

  3. Select the user you want to delete in the User drop-down list.

  4. Make sure you have selected the needed user.

  5. Select the Delete this User check box.

  6. Click Submit.

    The Permanently Delete User form

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    After you click Submit, this action cannot be undone.

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