Recording UI Tests - Best Practices

Last modified on November 20, 2023

This section describes various use cases and best practices for recording UI tests with LoadNinja.

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Wait until the page fully loads

To avoid issues during the playback, make sure the test recorder has fully loaded the page before interacting with elements on this page. Keep this in mind when starting recording and navigating between pages during testing.

Recording interactions with specific elements

LoadNinja supports recording of various interactions with websites. However, some elements require that you perform additional actions for correct recording.


When recording interactions with a button, click it as close to its center as possible. This will prevent unwanted issues during the playback.

Form fields

When recording interactions with form fields — especially with long ones — place the mouse pointer closer to the starting zone of the needed form field. Usually, it is in the left part of the form field.

Tip: To find the boundaries of a form field’s starting zone, move the mouse pointer over the field and wait for the pointer to change its shape.

Performing data-driven tests

LoadNinja supports parameterized data-driven testing, with .csv and .txt files used as a data source. Record UI tests that require varying input, parameterize URLs, or get wider coverage on your website performance.

To learn how to use data sources in your tests, see Using Databanks in LoadNinja Tests.

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