Applies to LoadNinja 1.0, last modified on November 19, 2019

On the Users tab in LoadNinja settings, you can create accounts for other people from your company so that they can access your LoadNinja account to record scripts, run load tests, and gather statistics. In this documentation, we refer to such accounts as sub-accounts.

To open this tab, go to  > Settings > Users.


In the Users table, you can view info about the users who currently have access to your LoadNinja account:

Settings: The Users tab

Click the image to enlarge it.

Column Description
First Name The first name of the sub-account user.
Last name The last name of the sub-account user.
Email The email address used to log in to the sub-account.
Status The current status of the sub-account:
  • Not verified — The sub-account exists, but the user did not click the link in the verification email.
  • Verified — The sub-account exists and is verified, so the user can access other LoadNinja features.
  • To navigate through items, use the pagination button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • To change the number of items per page, specify the desired number of rows in the Rows per page drop-down list.

Add users

To add a user, that is, to create a sub-account, click Add User and fill in the subsequent form:

Settings: The add user dialog

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  1. In the First name edit box, specify the first name of the sub-account user.

  2. In the Last name edit box, specify the last name of the sub-account user.

  3. In the Email edit box, specify the email address the sub-account user will provide to log in to LoadNinja.

  4. Click Add user to finish creating the sub-account.

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