Selecting Verification Settings

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete shows the Select Verification Settings dialog when you verify a scenario with non-zero page think time values.

Page think time is the time a user spends on a web page. LoadComplete defines it as a period between the last response of the current web page and the first request sent to the following page. Page think time allows simulating the recorded traffic more realistically: typically, users spend some time on web pages, analyzing information or populating web forms.

In the dialog, you can specify whether you want to ignore the recorded page think time values during scenario verification:

  • To use the think time values the scenario specifies and make the verification close to real-life conditions, select Use “think time” values.

  • To use zero think time values and make the verification faster, select Ignore “think time” during verification.

Select the Do not show again check box if you do not want LoadComplete to show the dialog each time you verify a scenario. In this case, LoadComplete will always use the page think time values specified in the scenario.

You can control whether to show the dialog by using the Show the “Select verification settings” message option.

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