Name (%NAME) Macro

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019


The Name macro is used to insert human names into strings generated with the Custom String generator.

The macro is an analog of the Name data generator.


The macro has the following syntax:

%NAME(Gender, NameKind, *xN)



Optional parameter. Specifies the gender of names to be generated:

  • Any - Default. Generates names of any gender - either male or female.
  • Male - Generates male names only.
  • Female - Generates female names only.


Optional parameter. Specifies the type of names to be generated:

  • Full - Default. Generates full names.
  • First - Generates first names only.
  • Last - Generates last names only.


Optional parameter. Specifies the number of possible repetitions of each value in series of generated strings. N is a positive number that specifies the number of repetitions: 1, 2, 3, and so on. The default parameter value is *x1 (no repetitions).


The following example demonstrates how to use the Name macro:

  • %NAME(Any, Full, *x3)

    Generates full names of any gender and repeats each generated value three times.

  • %NAME(Male,First)

    Generates only first male names.

  • %NAME(Female,*x2)

    Generates full female names and repeats each generated value twice. Here the default value of the NameKind parameter is used - Full.


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