Mesage - 'Below You Can See the Data That the Selector ... Extracted'

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete shows this message, if the data selector’s regular expression that you entered in the Scenario editor returns text that contains URL-encoded characters (like %20 or %2B) or HTML entities (like &, >,   and others).

If the subsequent requests or response validation rules that use the extracted data expect it not to include special symbols, you need to command LoadComplete to decode the extracted data. LoadComplete will replace the special symbols within the extracted data with ordinary characters before saving it to a variable.

LoadComplete displays this message to inform you about decoding and to suggest changing the Convert attribute of the data selector.

If you click Yes, LoadComplete will set the suggested decoding scheme (URL-decoding or HTML-decoding) in the Convert cell for the data selector.

If you select No, LoadComplete will not change the Convert attribute. If you have not modified it before, it will have its default value: None. If needed, you can set the desired decoding scheme any time later by modifying the Convert attribute on the Data Selectors tab of the Scenario editor.

For more information on decoding extracted text, see Converting Correlation Data.

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