End of Transaction Operation

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Use the End of Transaction operation to mark the end of a user-defined transaction.

The Think Time edit box at the top of the editor specifies the number of milliseconds the operation will wait for the run. See Setting Delays Between Operations.

This page provides summary information on the operation like the number of found errors, the list of variables used, and so on. Information on the page is read-only.

You can find information on issues in operation properties in the Summary page. Also, information about the erroneous settings is displayed in the editor’s header area.

  • End of Transaction is a paired operation: every End of Transaction operation must be preceded by a matching Transaction operation.

  • The matching pairs of the Transaction and End of Transaction operations must be in the same scenario. You can use these operations in complex scenarios, but you cannot place the Transaction operation in one subscenario and the matching End of Transaction operation in another subscenario.

  • Transactions may overlap or contain one another.

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