Provides Data For Panel

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About the Panel

In modern web applications, subsequent requests reuse data received by earlier requests from the server. For instance, the login request can obtain a session identifier, which is then passed to subsequent requests during the whole user session. The same happens in WebSocket applications, where subsequent client messages can use data that come from the server in earlier server messages.

On the Provides Data For panel, you can view for which HTTP requests and WebSocket messages the given request (message) provides data:

HTTP Requests

HTTP Requests - the 'Provides Data For' Panel

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WebSocket Server Messages

WebSocket Server Messages - the 'Provides Data For' Panel

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As you can see, the panel displays a list of requests and messages that receive data from the given request (or message), and for each of these requests and messages it displays a list of variables that pass data. These variables are created with data selectors that are shown side-by-side.

Working With the Panel

You can double-click a request or client message to open it. You can double-click a variable under a request or client message to open a data replacer that inserts the extracted data in the request or client message.

Information on Extracting Data From Responses and Passing Them to Further Requests

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