Correlate Request and Response Parameters Wizard - Correlate the Following Parameters by Using Pre-Defined Rules

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The Correlate Request and Response Parameters wizard shows this page only if you chose to use pre-defined data correlation rules to search for dynamic parameters.

On this page of the wizard, you can view dynamic parameters that match the criteria that the data correlation rules in LoadComplete specify and correlate those parameters.

For each parameter, the wizard shows the following data:

Column Description
Parameter The name of the dynamic parameter that the wizard has found in the scenario.
Rule The name of the data correlation rule whose criteria the parameter matches.
Correlate Specifies whether the wizard will correlate the parameter.

Select the Correlate check box for parameters that you want to correlate.

For each parameter you select in the wizard, the wizard shows the parameter value and the requests and responses that use the value:

Column Description
Value The value of the selected dynamic parameter.
Source The name of the request from whose response the parameter value is extracted.
Target The name of the request into which the appropriate correlation rule will insert the value.

Click Next to proceed with data correlation.

Click Finish to correlate the selected parameters and complete the data correlation.

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