This Kind of Load Can Be Generated Only When Continuous Load Is Enabled

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete displays this message when you are trying to edit a load shape, but the needed settings are not defined in your test. The Custom shape workload profile requires that the Continuous load setting be enabled in your test and that you define duration for it.

If the Continuous load mode is not activated, LoadComplete suggests that it activates this mode automatically and sets the test duration to 1 hour. If the mode is activated, but no duration is set, LoadComplete suggests setting it to 1 hour.

Click Yes in the message box to accept the changes suggested by LoadComplete. You can specify the desired test duration any time later on the Continuous Load tab of the Load Test editor.

You can click No, switch to the Continuous Load tab and make the changes manually.

Without activating the Continuous Load mode and defining test duration, the load shape workload cannot be edited and simulated.

For more information on using the “custom shape” load, see Defining Workload Profile.

For more information on using continuous load, see Setting The Overall Test Duration.

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