Global Shortcuts

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The Global Shortcuts dialog sets keyboard shortcuts that you can use when recording or playing back load tests.

To call the Global Shortcuts dialog:

  • Select Tools | Options from the main menu.

  • Select General | Global Shortcuts from the tree displayed on the left side of the resulting Options dialog.

These inter-application shortcuts are perforce system global. They operate in all applications (pre-emptying existing shortcuts), whether or not LoadComplete is in record or playback mode. Suppose, for instance, that an application uses Shift+F1 to display on-line help, and that this is LoadComplete’s shortcut to start recording. When LoadComplete is running, pressing Shift+F1 in this application will not call the Help window; it will start LoadComplete traffic recording.

You can change the shortcuts listed below. To enter a shortcut, click the corresponding option in the Shortcut column and then press the key combination you want to use as a new shortcut for the given option. Note that if the shortcut is already used by another application, you cannot enter it in the Global Shortcuts dialog (see below):

  • Stop - Stops test recording or execution of a LoadComplete test. Default, Shift+F2.

  • Record - Starts scenario recording. Default, Shift+F1.

Note: If a global shortcut is already used by some other application and this application is started before LoadComplete is launched, LoadComplete is unable to use the shortcut. That is, if the shortcut is already used, you cannot enter it for an option. If the shortcut was set for an option earlier, it is displayed in the dialog, but it does not function.

In this case you can:

  • Assign another key combination to the LoadComplete global shortcut in the Global Shortcuts dialog.

  • Remove the desired key combination from the application (if it supports shortcut customization) and assign it to LoadComplete.

  • Launch the application, in which the desired shortcut is used, after LoadComplete is launched.

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