Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About TestComplete

TestComplete is an automated software testing tool that enables you to create, manage and execute tests for desktop, web and RIA applications. It offers recording, playback and verification of UI actions using visual keyword tests or traditional scripted tests. With TestComplete, you can perform all essential types of software testing, including functional GUI testing, unit testing, regression testing, data-driven testing, distributed testing, coverage testing and manual testing.

Key features of TestComplete:

  • Fully automated test recording from interactive usage of the application.

  • Keyword-driven testing using predefined validation steps to compose tests without scripts.

  • Test Visualizer for capture, display and comparison of screenshots during recording and playback.

  • Data-driven tests using text, Excel, and database data sources.

  • Extensive set of checkpoints for common data types and objects.

  • Test scripting using your choice of several scripting languages.

  • Web and Rich Internet Application testing with multibrowser support and cross-browser testing.

  • Distributed testing using multiple remote computers.

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How TestComplete Can Help You Test Better

LoadComplete and TestComplete make up an ultimate toolset for web application testing: you can test the performance of your application’s server part with LoadComplete and verify the functioning of the client part with TestComplete.

TestComplete allows you to:

  • Perform functional testing of web applications that use the latest technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Silverlight, Flex and third-party web controls.

  • Perform cross-browser testing: record tests in any browser and run them with no changes in other browsers to ensure cross-browser compliance.

  • Use a variety of checkpoints to verify element values, properties and CSS attributes.

  • Make use of direct DOM access and JavaScript execution for advanced web page automation.

You can also convert your existing TestComplete functional tests into LoadComplete load tests. For more information, see Creating Load Tests Based on Functional Tests.

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