Support for HTML5 Applications

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This topic describes what level of support LoadComplete offers for HTML5 applications.

Supported HTML5 Applications

LoadComplete can load test web applications implementing various HTML5 technologies. You can record and play back requests an HTML5 application sends to the tested web server and check the server responses to these requests.

If the application uses one of the supported protocols, you can access the contents of simulated requests and responses.

Supported Protocols

LoadComplete can test HTML5 applications that use the following protocols:

  • HTTP. You test HTML5 applications that use the HTTP protocol the same way you test standard web pages. You can record HTTP traffic, that your application sends, parameterize it and check the server responses.

  • WebSocket. HTML5 applications usually use the WebSocket protocol to exchange data with the server asynchronously. LoadComplete can detect an opening handshake that opens a socket connection and record client and server messages sent through that connection. See Support for WebSocket Protocol (HTML5).

    Note: LoadComplete can record WebSocket messages only if the WebSocket connection is opened after you start the recording. For more information, see Specifics of WebSocket Support.

Parameterizing Requests

LoadComplete can –

  • Retrieve individual values from server responses’ bodies.

  • Encode values into requests that go to the tested web server.

This way you can parameterize simulated requests and pass data from earlier responses to later requests. See Parameterizing Requests.

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