Upgrading From a Trial Version

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete Trial and Pro use the same installation package. You can activate the Pro license over the Trial license, there is no need to uninstall LoadComplete Trial. The actual steps you perform depend on whether you have LoadComplete installed on a physical computer or virtual machine.

Physical Computer

  • If you purchased a Node-Locked Pro license:

    1. Launch LoadComplete.

    2. Select Help | Activate or Deactivate License and activate your Pro license key.

  • If you purchased a Floating User Pro license:

    • You can activate it on another physical PC. Download the standalone License Manager utility there and use it to activate your Pro license.

    • You can activate it on the computer where LoadComplete Trial is installed. To do this, run LoadComplete and choose Help | Activate or Deactivate License from the main menu.

Virtual Machine

LoadComplete Pro licenses cannot be activated on virtual machines. You can activate them on physical computers only. So, you have to find a physical computer that will manage the license and activate the Pro license on it. Depending on your license type – Node-Locked or Floating User - this computer can be a computer where you are going to run LoadComplete, or a stand-alone server.

See Activating Licenses.

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