About SwaggerHub Explore

Last modified on February 14, 2023

SwaggerHub Explore is a tool that allows you to interact with REST APIs and Kafka services.

With SwaggerHub Explore you can:

  • Explore APIs and web services.
  • Test API endpoints.
  • Review the return values from API calls.
  • Experiment with different parameters.
  • Review the raw byte stream returned by a call.
  • Try out the full range of REST calls: GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH.
  • Publish and subscribe with Kafka.

Get started

To use SwaggerHub Explore, you must have an account. You can create a new account for SwaggerHub Explore or use your GitHub account to log in. For more information, see Log in to SwaggerHub Explore.


SwaggerHub Explore currently supports the following protocols:

  • REST
  • Kafka

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