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ApplicationManagerRun Method

Runs the specified application and returns its process object.

Namespace:  SmartBear.TestLeft
Assembly:  SmartBear.TestLeft (in SmartBear.TestLeft.dll) Version: (
public IProcess Run(
	string path,
	string commandLine = "",
	string workingFolder = ""


Type: SystemString
The path to the application. Can be specified as a fully-qualified path, as the application name (if the application is in PATH environment variables), or by using environment variables (%PROGRAMFILES%, %USERPFOFILE%).
commandLine (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Command-line arguments for the application.
workingFolder (Optional)
Type: SystemString
The path to the working folder of the application.

Return Value

Type: IProcess
The IProcess object that corresponds to the launched application instance.
WebExceptionThrown if there are network problems.
ApiExceptionThrown if the application could not be run.
OldVersionResponseExceptionThrown if an earlier version of the test engine (TestComplete/TestExecute) is used.
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