Traceability matrix in Jira

Applies to CucumberStudio Cloud, and to Enterprise ver. 3.3 - Last updated on November 17, 2023

In Jira, you can access the traceability matrix for a project via the Reports tab:

Jira traceability CucumberStudio matrix

Click the image to enlarge it.

The traceability matrix report allows you to analyze the coverage of your project or sprint:

  • Does the user story have any scenarios related?

  • What are the execution status in the different test runs?

Example of the traceability matrix in Jira

Click the image to enlarge it.

You can use the filter input in the top-right corner to select one or many sprints.

FYI: The Traceability matrix doesn’t appear in a Next-gen project type, our team has added this feature request in our backlog, thanks to upvote for it here.

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