Testing an Unlisted iOS Simulator Configuration

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on January 10, 2023

The flexibility offered by Appleā€™s simulation suite allows for testing devices across many iOS versions not readily accessible from the device list. If you would like to test an unlisted iOS Simulator configuration, the following steps will have you generating your own environment in no time!

This example will set up an iPad Air 2 running iOS 10.0.

  1. Start a live test in an IOS Simulator running the version of Safari/iOS that you would like. In this case, the iPhone 7 Plus will allow us to test iOS/Safari 10.0, so this is what we will choose.

    iOS/Safari 10.0
  2. In the Simulator file menu, select Hardware > Device > iOS 10.0 (or whatever iOS version was chosen in Step 1) > iPad Air 2 (or preferred device).

    Selecting a device
  3. The device will now reboot. You may have to adjust the display scaling once this has completed. This can be done through the Window menu.

    Adjusting the display scaling
  4. As you can see, this results in Safari 10 running on an iPad Air 2.

    Configured device

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