Debugging Options for Mobile Devices and Simulators

Applies to CrossBrowserTesting SaaS, last modified on January 10, 2023

Physical devices

For our physical mobile devices, we provide a solution for mobile debugging on select platforms.


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This tool is accessible on Android 4.2 devices and newer running Chrome, and on iOS 8.1 devices and newer running Mobile Safari.

iOS simulators

With iOS simulators (which are really great – they are official Apple sims), you can access built-in debugging options. Below are screenshots showing off the iOS Simulator-specific debugging option.

The first step is launching an iOS Simulator test:

iOS simulators

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After the simulator loads, you need to launch Safari from the desktop of the Live Test. Then in Safari, at the top menu go to Developer –> iOS Simulator –> and select the website that is currently open in the iOS Simulator. Safari will then open its Web Inspector tools that you may use to debug with.

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