Applies to Collaborator 12.1, last modified on August 21, 2019

This section describes how to setup integrations with remote issue-tracking systems supported by Collaborator.

Note: There are two types of remote system configurations designed to establish integration with JIRA. They are named JIRA and JIRA Legacy. JIRA integration allows you to associate issues with reviews and vice versa, hyperlink mentioned issues, move or mirror defects from Collaborator to your JIRA server. JIRA Legacy integration allows you to create Collaborator reviews from JIRA tickets' linked commits or use JIRA as notification channel. This type of integration was introduced in earlier versions of Collaborator and we recommend that you use "ordinary" JIRA integration instead.

For other issue-tracking systems, your Collaborator administration should establish integration as described in General Approach to Issue-Tracking Integrations.

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