Applies to Collaborator 12.0, last modified on July 16, 2019

This topic describes the new features and improvements introduced in Collaborator 12.0

For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.

12.0.12000 - July 12, 2019

New Features
  • Atlassian Crowd Single Sign-On

    Native support for Crowd OpenID single sign-on is now available. Read Single Sign-On to learn more about single sign-on authentication and Configure Single Sign-On via Crowd OpenID for detailed instructions on enabling this type of authentication. (COLLAB-4240)

  • Automatically Add Code Owners

    Now Collaborator can process CODEOWNERS files in GitHub and GitLab repositories and will add the respective code owners as participants of Collaborator reviews. (COLLAB-4880)

  • OpenJDK Support

    Collaborator now supports OpenJDK - open-source implementation of Java Development Kit. (COLLAB-4320)

  • Prompt for JDBC Driver

    When configuring database connection server installer now asks a path to JDBC driver and copies it to the appropriate location. In previous versions administrators had to copy driver files manually. (COLLAB-5489)

More improvements:
  • Repository hosting integrations now have a new option that controls whether to wait for review signature before merging pull request. (COLLAB-4649)
  • To diagnose license usage, administrators can now optionally display a list of currently logged-in users when a new user fails to login because there are not enough licenses. Besides they can show a a list of active floating-seat users on the Licensing page of Admin UI. (COLLAB-1150, COLLAB-5723)
  • 6 new commands to manage a list of group templates (templates available to group members when creating new reviews) and add child groups from Command-Line Client (COLLAB-2681)

  • The JSESSIONID cookie of Web client have been renamed to JSESSIONID_COLLAB in order to avoid XSRF conflicts with other systems. (COLLAB-5653)
  • The Remote System Integrations settings were divided into two sub-categories: Repository Hosting Services and Issue-Tracking Services. (COLLAB-5506)
  • Web client now displays loading indicator while performing group synchronization during login (COLLAB-4967)
  • Two new options that define whether to use secure login cookies and whether to clear them when the browser is closed. (COLLAB-3698, COLLAB-3697)
Discontinued Support:
  • Collaborator server and clients no longer use XML-RPC API (deprecated since Collaborator 9.4).

    Old clients are incompatible with Collaborator server 12.0 and later. To work with it, you will need to upgrade your clients to version 12.0 or later. (COLLAB-2983)

Bug Fixes
  • fixed - The red flags in the admin section should show up if and only if a user is actively consuming a license. If a user is not consuming a license, then there should be no flag. (COLLAB-5816)
  • fixed - Synchronize number of active users and the number of consumed licenses. Update last activity even if tab is out of focus. (COLLAB-5813)
  • fixed - Client performance penalties while loading list of existing reviews if there are a lot of in-progress reviews. (COLLAB-5641)
  • fixed - Exception on loading review when "logicalVersion" parameter is null. (COLLAB-5636)
  • fixed – Previous versions of Collaborator were allowing users to access some of Collaborator’s pages without consuming a license. An initial fix was introduced in 11502 (but not documented). It is likely that Administrators will see an increase in license consumption due to this fix. (COLLAB-5628)
  • fixed - The default notification state for the Send To State user preference should be "File Activity Occurs". (COLLAB-5625)
  • fixed - Perforce: Using the smartbear.ccollab.upload.ignore.binary.file option doesn't prevent client from loading version information. (COLLAB-5618)
  • fixed - Remote Systems: Commits that were merged in from another feature branch could be missing in pull request review. (COLLAB-5604)
  • fixed - The "ccollab addchanges new ." command did not work for Git on Linux. (COLLAB-5603)
  • fixed - Bitbucket Cloud integration could reach rate limit of API calls. (COLLAB-5595)
  • fixed - Revise consuming licenses for JSON API calls (COLLAB-5583)
  • fixed - Support formatting and line breaks in the spreadsheet cells in DiffViewer. (COLLAB-5552)
  • fixed - Remote repository integrations cannot assign reviewers if non-default set of roles is used on Collaborator side. (COLLAB-5540)
  • fixed - The "Accepted" icon was dropped for files that were added to changeset but their content remain unchanged. (COLLAB-5273)
  • fixed - The update site of Eclipse plugin provides an older version of the plugin. (COLLAB-5095)
  • fixed - When LDAP group sync was disabled, Collaborator was still polling LDAP server for the list of groups. (COLLAB-4968)
  • fixed - When a review moved to the Rework phase, the "Wait until.." setting was reset to "Wait for Any" ignoring its previous value. (COLLAB-4961)
  • fixed - Several issues of VHDL syntax highlighting. (COLLAB-4602)
  • fixed - Eclipse Plug-in ignored the Due By Phase setting of Checklist custom fields. (COLLAB-4572)
  • fixed - Pressing the Test Connection button for an RTC configuration validates the RTC server connection even when the server has certificate errors. (COLLAB-4490)
  • fixed - Time spent in the Annotating phase was not included in Time metrics. (COLLAB-4477)
  • fixed - Exception on creating new review for new branch on Bitbucket server. (COLLAB-4460)
  • fixed - The LOC values for a modified file added by command line are calculated as if the file is new. (COLLAB-4454)
  • fixed - Performance issue while editing groups or viewing user list when there are more than 30K users (COLLAB-3911)
  • fixed - The GUI client cannot reliably work on Linux distributions with GTK+ 3.22. (COLLAB-3082)
  • fixed - Start and end dates of Content Archiving should be based on when the review was completed instead of when it was created. (COLLAB-3040)
  • fixed - ClearCase Remote Client: Modern CM API modules require HttpClient 4 (COLLAB-2667)

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