Applies to Collaborator 13.0, last modified on July 29, 2020

This topic describes the new features and improvements introduced in Collaborator 13.0

For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.

13.0.13002 - July 24, 2020

  • New option to enable or disable user role synching between SAML and Collaborator servers, when synching user membership with SAML SSO server. (COLLAB-7440)

  • New option to specify type of SAML SLO signature. It allows selecting whether to use embedded attribute signature (HTTP-POST binding), or send signature as url parameter (HTTP-Redirect binding). (COLLAB-7430)

  • The password of built-in administrator could be changed via command-line, just like any other user's password. (COLLAB-7275)

  • Improved logic for uploading files and changelists to the review. (COLLAB-5561, COLLAB-4680)

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed - The Review Materials section doesn't load all the files if null pointer exception occurs within the fileModifications object. (COLLAB-7577)

  • fixed - In certain cases review could load infinitely after page refreshing. (COLLAB-7573)

  • fixed - GitLab integration: auto merge, pull request comment promotion and pipeline status did not work on review phase change. (COLLAB-7518)

  • fixed - Decrease amount of queries while opening review summary. (COLLAB-7490)

  • fixed - After calling version.getContentStream() input stream was not closed which could lead to significant number of opened streams. (COLLAB-7484)

  • fixed - In certain cases Diff Viewer did not show navigation panel when opening spreadsheet file. (COLLAB-7434)

  • fixed - Failed to generate review detailed report if there are any defects in overall review chat. (COLLAB-7283)

13.0.13001 - June 29, 2020

  • fixed - On SQL Server databases with indexes enabled, for example on Azure SQL database with automatic tuning mode, upgrading Collaborator may fail with the "The index 'NNN' is dependent on column 'MMM'." exception. (COLLAB-6267, COLLAB-7473)

13.0.13000 - June 22, 2020

New Features
  • Multiple checklists per review. Starting from version 13.0 it will become possible to have several checklists in a template. When creating review author could select which of the checklists to use. (COLLAB-3695, COLLAB-2005)

    Appending checklists
    Appending checklists

    Checklist for active review can be changed by participants, which have an access to review. In this case, previous checklist will be cleared and a notice would be appended to review chat. (COLLAB-6671)

  • Select All Items for checklists. It became possible to check or un-check all items in a checklist at once. To do this, click the check mark in the Status column header (not available in edit-mode). (COLLAB-6737)

    Check all items in a checklist at once
    Check all items in a checklist at once
  • New Approved by workflow state. In previous versions, some of non-approving roles (in standard roles scheme they are Observer and Moderator) could remain in "Active" or "Waiting" state when the review was completed without their interaction. Now such participants would get the "Approved by workflow" state. (COLLAB-7257)

Improvements in converting and comparing materials
  • Parallel conversion of files - Previously all uploaded materials were converted in one chunk, so you had to wait until all uploaded materials are converted. Now each document is uploaded and converted separately, so that if there is a delay or conversion issue with one of the files, it would not lock all review materials and you can work with other files.

    When the respective document is being converted, its progress is displayed in the Location column of the Review Materials section. (COLLAB-6865)

    Document conversion progress

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Asynchronous conversion upon initial upload - When a document is uploaded for the first time, it is now converted in asynchronous threads and could be displayed in Diff Viewer as soon as its top pages are ready. (COLLAB-6777)

  • Conversion on demand - When user navigates to a specific page that is not yet converted, that page is converted primarily. (COLLAB-6783)

  • Performance speedup - We have optimized some of conversion and comparison routines to improve their performance. (COLLAB-7427)
  • Clarified and improved text of error messages that may occur during document conversion. (COLLAB-6155)
More improvements:
  • Retain document zoom when changing pages. Diff Viewer now keeps document zoom value in browser cache (per each document). Initial zoom value is specified by the Default Scale for Documents in Diff Viewer setting. When you change scale of current document in the Diff Viewer it will be cached so that all further pages of that document would be displayed in the same scale. (COLLAB-6906, COLLAB-6133, COLLAB-5854)

  • Information about pull request branches is now displayed in the Chat section of the Review Summary screen. (COLLAB-4138)
  • Now you can remove files with a warning about missing fonts unless they have comments from other participants. (COLLAB-6792)

  • All Web Client theme-related setting are now cached to decrease amount of queries to database. (COLLAB-7244)

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed - Remove redundant calls to database while getting user unread comments and info about remote system relations. (COLLAB-7412)
  • fixed - Improve "unread conversations" SQL query that caused performance degradation. (COLLAB-7410, COLLAB-7279)
  • fixed - Same user or group was added multiple times when the subscription triggers more than once in a review. (COLLAB-7408, COLLAB-7148)
  • fixed - Collaborator server could not start after upgrade if single sign on was enabled before the upgrade. (COLLAB-7393)
  • fixed - An error when exporting the Review Detail Report to PDF if the Overall chat contained any defects. (COLLAB-7283)
  • fixed - The command-line client could not automatically detect Perforce configuration. (COLLAB-7205)
  • fixed - In certain cases a review could not be sent to rework, it showed a warning about unread comments, but there were actually no unread comments. (COLLAB-7201)
  • fixed - Encrypt and secure admin contact information when sending it to SmartBear licensing server. (COLLAB-7191)
  • fixed - The "Couldn't find convo that contained comment" error in the log. (COLLAB-6802)
  • fixed - The "Multiple conversations include comment" exception in logs. (COLLAB-6766)
  • fixed - An error when generating the User Detail Report on Oracle database. (COLLAB-6649)
  • fixed - The ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when converting DOCX document. (COLLAB-6548)
  • fixed - Oracle TO_CHAR() was used in search with non-Oracle databases. (COLLAB-5883)
  • fixed - No busy ndicator in Internet Explorer during document conversion. (COLLAB-4895)
  • fixed - Could not generate the Recently Completed Reviews report that included any LOC metrics. (COLLAB-2977)

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