Version 11.5

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 11.5. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

11.5.11511 - May 11, 2020

  • fixed - Improve file metrics cache to purge invalid data when DB connection fails. (COLLAB-7228)
  • fixed - Diff Viewer could show empty content in Last commit display mode for changes in DOCX files. (COLLAB-6221)
  • fixed - Exception on opening DOCX file in Diff Viewer in Commits display mode for Git commits added in reverse order. (COLLAB-6220)

11.5.11510 - February 7, 2020

  • fixed - Users had to login twice when they had Reports page open or minimized for more than 1 hour. (COLLAB-6610, COLLAB-6289)
  • fixed - Report were not generated if the "Restrict Access" column was checked and the "ID" column was unchecked. (COLLAB-6364)

11.5.11509 - December 17, 2019

  • fixed - Creating a new defect with exactly the same coordinates or line number as the existing one could break reviews. (COLLAB-6431)

11.5.11508 - November 20, 2019

  • fixed - An "ambiguous column" error during "All Defects" report generation against Oracle DB (COLLAB-6235)
  • fixed - SQL error on Oracle DB: CLOB in WHERE clause. (COLLAB-5699)

11.5.11507 - October 11, 2019

  • fixed - Copy org.eclipse.osgi library to client plugin folder. (COLLAB-6211)
  • fixed - Drop-down for review subscription and template subscription doesn't work. (COLLAB-6208)
  • fixed - When review had multiple participants, it could take up to 30s to open a review material in Diff Viewer (COLLAB-5704)
  • fixed - Low performance when spreadsheet had multiple comments. (COLLAB-5682)

11.5.11506 - October 2, 2019

  • fixed - Equinox common library was updated to version 3.10. (COLLAB-6059)

11.5.11505 - September 16, 2019

  • fixed - JIRA Legacy: Missing trailing slash in review links from JIRA tickets. (COLLAB-6113)
  • fixed - Fixed exporting of customizable reports to different formats. (COLLAB-6059)
  • fixed - Improved logic for identifying if user has unread conversations. (COLLAB-6052)
  • fixed - Improve spreadsheet diff by comparing cell contents. (COLLAB-4800)

11.5.11504 - July 19, 2019

  • added - To diagnose license usage, administrators can now optionally display a list of active floating-seat users on the Licensing page of Admin UI. (COLLAB-5628)
  • fixed - The red flags in the admin section should show up if and only if a user is actively consuming a license. If a user is not consuming a license, then there should be no flag. (COLLAB-5816)
  • fixed - Synchronize number of active users and the number of consumed licenses. Update last activity even if tab is out of focus. (COLLAB-5813)
  • fixed – Previous versions of Collaborator were allowing users to access some of Collaborator’s pages without consuming a license. An initial fix was introduced in 11502 (but not documented). It is likely that Administrators will see an increase in license consumption due to this fix. (COLLAB-5628)

11.5.11503 - May 15, 2019

  • added - JIRA integrations will use API tokens instead of passwords. Atlassian has deprecated password-based authentication and suggests using API tokens. To use JIRA integrations your administrator will need to generate JIRA API token and specify it in issue-tracking configuration. See JIRA Integration for instructions. (COLLAB-5642)
  • fixed - The ccollab addchanges command failed for Git on *nix platforms (COLLAB-5603)
  • fixed - While making single review dump cut off data not connected with this review (COLLAB-4539)
  • fixed - RTC changesets linked to workitem and located in stream are lost during review creation (COLLAB-4397)
  • fixed - If a user had more than 1000 open reviews, home page failed to show list of reviews on SQL Server 2016 database (COLLAB-4054)
  • fixed - Do not enable new Automatic links in templates automatically (COLLAB-3926)
  • fixed - Issues with width of Files column in WEB UI (COLLAB-3361)

11.5.11502 - April 16, 2019

  • added - Bitbucket Integration has migrated to Bitbucket API 2.0. Bitbucket will deprecate their API 1.0 starting from April 29. You will need to upgrade to Collaborator version 11.5.11502 to continue using integration with Bitbucket. (COLLAB-5520)
  • added - The "Allow to reopen review" option of remote repository integrations was renamed to "Reopen review when" and now allows to control what events will reopen completed reviews. (COLLAB-4830)
  • fixed - The GUI client picks an incorrect shelveset after the shelvesets are sorted by date (COLLAB-5558)
  • fixed - In some cases Collaborator did not release license on logout (COLLAB-5529)
  • fixed - The comment/code change arrows are grayed out when you first open the diff viewer. (COLLAB-5485)
  • fixed - The update site of Eclipse plugin provides an older version of the plugin (COLLAB-5095)
  • fixed - NullPointerException on adding diffs from CVS repository (COLLAB-2280)

11.5.11501 - March 26, 2019

  • added - Update company and product logos in server and clients. (COLLAB-5099)
  • added - New admin setting that defines the format of the NameIDPolicy parameter in SAML authentication requests. (COLLAB-4505)
  • fixed - NullPointerException when loading active reviews after migrating from Windows to Linux server. (COLLAB-5490)
  • fixed - Eclipse: Cannot open files in content merge viewers of RDi V9.6 (COLLAB-5278)
  • fixed - Invalid GUID message displayed on attempt to select a group to which current user does not belong (COLLAB-5266)
  • fixed - Diff Viewer ignores newline characters when rendering cell contents (COLLAB-4906)
  • fixed - Renamed/moved files in TFS are not marked as deleted in Collaborator (COLLAB-4893)
  • fixed - Filter "Show only logged-in users" does not work when there are more than 100 users (COLLAB-4843)
  • fixed - Collaborator does not send the "phase - changed" notification in certain scenarios (COLLAB-4745)
  • fixed - Visual Studio plugin reverses the revisions in the DiffViewer (COLLAB-4102)
  • fixed - GUI Client does not sort shelvesets alphabetically (COLLAB-3093)
  • fixed - DiffViewer: URL link contains '&#8203' character (COLLAB-2675)

11.5.11500 - March 1, 2019

New Features

  • Now the Display changes selector and Select revision drop-down are always visible. Additionally, you can enable Advanced mode which allows manual selection of revisions to be compared in Before and After panes. (COLLAB-4414)

    Advanced mode

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Diff Viewer contents now synchronizes with the Overlay / Separate mode of Review Screen. In Overlay mode of review materials, Diff Viewer will display overall changes made to the file as specified by the Default Revision Comparison of Diff Viewer setting, while in Separate mode it will display changes made by a particular changeset. (COLLAB-4975)

  • Diff Viewer's Chat section now has a new user-list filter that specifies whether to display comments and defects from all participants of just from the selected participant. (COLLAB-1127)

    User filter in Chat section
  • Existing review participants will be retained upon changing group if they belong to new group. (COLLAB-5246)
  • Existing values of custom fields will be retained upon changing review template if the custom field exists in both templates. (COLLAB-3815)
  • Adding Git commits from GUI Client, Command-Line Client, Eclipse Plug-in or Visual Studio Extension will also add part of Git log information to build properly ordered list of changes on Collaborator server side. This will ensure that in Review Screen and Diff Viewer Git commits are displayed in the same order as in the Git log. To use this functionality you will need to update both server and clients. (COLLAB-4997, COLLAB-2717, COLLAB-1897)
  • Review Screen, Diff Viewer, Eclipse Plug-in and Visual Studio Extension now display Subversion, Perforce, TFS and RTC atomic changelists in chronological order (from older to newer), regardless the order in which they have been uploaded to review. (COLLAB-4002, COLLAB-3980, COLLAB-2717, COLLAB-1897)
  • New "Automatically create new groups" setting defines whether to create new groups automatically during LDAP/AD group synchronization or just map users to existing groups. Another new setting "Automatic group creation filter" specifies what exactly groups should be created automatically: if group FQDN matches the specified regular expression it will be created. Otherwise it will be excluded. (COLLAB-4238, COLLAB-4239)
  • Ability to use Oracle Text component instead of regular expression query on Oracle databases for full-text search from Web Client. This component is disabled by default, administrators can enable it on the Oracle side or through Collaborator admin UI. (COLLAB-5356)
  • New Default Scale for Documents in Diff Viewer user setting which specifies the default zoom level when reviewing documents. (COLLAB-3862)
  • New Default send to state and Default wait state user settings that allow specifying the default notification level for Sent To and Wait actions. Administrators can also specify these settings for the entire group via command-line and JSON API. (COLLAB-2911)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed - TrayNotifier was able to login back after logging out manually (COLLAB-5214)
  • fixed - Sometimes reviews containing group pool participants and custom participant fields do not open (COLLAB-5157)
  • fixed - Upgrading from 11.3 to 11.4 on Oracle database did not clear existing indexes (COLLAB-5122)
  • fixed - The "First vs Last" option may work incorrectly for Perforce (COLLAB-5121)
  • fixed - Visual Studio Extension: Invalid .vsix certificate (COLLAB-5026)
  • fixed - MacOS Client installer for 11.4.401 -11.4.402 was reported as damaged. (COLLAB-5008)
  • fixed - Participant custom field validation should ignore values of other participants (COLLAB-5001, COLLAB-5232)
  • fixed - Error while parsing LDAP group attributes of binary type (COLLAB-4990)
  • fixed - Several issues caused by incorrect data caching in web browsers. (COLLAB-4976)
  • fixed - The Accept button is disabled when uploading arbitrary diff (COLLAB-4964)
  • fixed - In certain cases, file comments and defects added in "All changes" mode were not displayed in the Review Screen (COLLAB-4949)
  • fixed - File renames corrupt review with Bitbucket integration (COLLAB-4947)
  • fixed - Need to support TFS server workspaces in addition to local workspaces (COLLAB-4939)
  • fixed - Cannot accept file changes if some of them were cherry-picked from another branch (COLLAB-4899)
  • fixed - User list not displaying on Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c and MS SQL 2008 (COLLAB-4896)
  • fixed - DiffViewer highlights the entire latest uploaded reversion instead of showing the actual differences in "All changes" mode (COLLAB-4889, COLLAB-4953)
  • fixed - Unable to export reports to PDF or XLS (COLLAB-4866)
  • fixed - In certain cases, DiffViewer did not display all actual changes unless "All changes" mode was selected (COLLAB-4810)
  • fixed - Add C language schema for syntax highlighting (COLLAB-4797)
  • fixed - Incorrect/empty patterns in highlighting schemas cause serious performance penalties (COLLAB-4720)
  • fixed - Clicking on an existing push-pin could create a new chat instead of selecting an existing one. (COLLAB-4693)
  • fixed - Collaborator fails to add comments to defect conversations which have [0,0] coordinates (COLLAB-4690)
  • fixed - Collaborator fails to move broken pins, but copies them (COLLAB-4688)
  • fixed - The "un-clickable" cross sign icon is shown in the "Search" field in Internet Explorer (COLLAB-4676)
  • fixed - GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket webhooks could not access Collaborator server if single sign-on was enabled (COLLAB-4662)
  • fixed - Incomplete tool-tip text for "Completing the rework phase" status (COLLAB-4657)
  • fixed - Cannot hide the System-wide message in the Diff Viewer (COLLAB-4655)
  • fixed - Refresh action after we return back to Review Screen from DiffViewer (COLLAB-4652)
  • fixed - The "Go to next location" and "Go to previous location" buttons were enabled even before the PDF page/ image was fully loaded (COLLAB-4639)
  • fixed - Exception occur during Reviews by Changelist report generation (COLLAB-4638)
  • fixed - Status checks on regexp branches are not working (COLLAB-4621)
  • fixed - DiffViewer may fail to display file changes if letter case in file-path was changed. (COLLAB-4616)
  • fixed - Some issues in VHDL highlighting schema (COLLAB-4602)
  • fixed - GitLab integration: Newly added files were not uploaded to review when the main branch was behind the develop branch. (COLLAB-4583)
  • fixed - Pull Requests: show changes if they merged in from another feature branch (COLLAB-4525)
  • fixed - ClearCase "AddVersion" command uploads only one version even when multiple versions were specified. (COLLAB-4314)
  • fixed - Tray Notifier could lock out the user's account in Active Directory if incorrect credentials were specified (COLLAB-4168)
  • fixed - The participant custom field should be locked from modifying by other participants (COLLAB-4059)
  • fixed - Perforce: Problem with triggering files marked for adding by ensure-diffs-reviewed (COLLAB-3914)
  • fixed - GUI Client "Add changes" command for Subversion ignored the selected files at first attempt to upload files (COLLAB-3609)
  • fixed - Visual Studio Extension could lock out the user's account if the credentials have been changed on server-side while working in IDE (COLLAB-3371)
  • fixed - Diff Viewer: Cannot select text within commented lines (COLLAB-2757)
  • fixed - Comment promotion failing to detect correct line in new version (COLLAB-1382)

Discontinued Support

With the release of Collaborator 11.5, GitHub Polling integration becomes deprecated. This type of integration implies polling the GitHub server at regular time intervals to retrieve information about changes in repositories. This approach has certain time lag and has become obsolete now. We highly recommend using webhook-based GitHub integration type instead of GitHub Polling. Transfer prompt will be displayed on the Remote System Integration page of Admin UI.

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