Version 9.2.9200

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on June 13, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 9.2.9200. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added - JIRA integration

  • added - GitHub integration

  • added - Electronic signatures can now be configured on templates basis (COLLAB-633)

  • added (open source, beta): IntelliJ IDEA plugin (

  • added - Eclipse Plug-in, GUI Client, and Command-Line Client all now use the JSON API completely and by default (to get old behavior specify --use-legacy-api option with Command-Line Client)

  • fixed - fixed HostGUID handling by JSON API; primarily affecting Perforce environments (COLLAB-1053)

  • fixed - Table naming issue in Oracle-based environments (COLLAB-1041)

  • fixed - Defect marking in Eclipse conversation tab stops changing colors (COLLAB-1035)

  • fixed - Action item list not refreshing after defect creation in Eclipse plugin (COLLAB-1034)

  • fixed - Respect a Perforce changelist's comment when submitting it to Collaborator (COLLAB-1021)

  • fixed - Diff viewer should handle empty and broken files (COLLAB-1005)

  • fixed - Collab tray notifier UnsupportedOperationException error (COLLAB-1003)

  • fixed - NullPointerException when ccollab addchangeslist is run with Perforce (COLLAB-966)

  • fixed - Eclipse client could not create line defects (COLLAB-979)

  • fixed - Failure to create new review in GUI client when debug was turned on (COLLAB-964)

  • fixed - Always allow listed authors to upload content to a review, regardless of restrictions (COLLAB-959)

  • fixed - Unclear GUI client error message during "test connection" if a 9.x client is used with a < 9.0 server (COLLAB-955)

  • fixed - Improved client support for copy-participants operation (COLLAB-954)

  • fixed - Improved client support for saving defect id on creation/editing (for "last" argument) (COLLAB-953)

  • fixed - Made checking mandatory custom fields consistent for defect commands in CLI in both legacy and JSON API modes (COLLAB-952,1069,1070)

  • fixed - Mandatory review custom field was not working for annotating phase (COLLAB-948)

  • fixed - Mandatory review custom field was not made obvious with the typical red label for mandatory fields (COLLAB-947)

  • fixed - Incorrect send to completed button and associated description for author in a "formal inspection" template review (COLLAB-937)

  • fixed - Clarified docs and enhanced behavior of assignReviewPool API call (COLLAB-923)

  • fixed - Made sure that review phase "Rework" always identifies as such w/ trigger substitution variables ${review.phase}/${review.phase.previous} (COLLAB-918)

  • fixed - Cannot delete .docx documents from review materials (COLLAB-878)

  • fixed - addcvsdiffs does not work w/ -N cvs option; use -skipN option to addcvsdiffs if needed (COLLAB-738)

  • fixed - Verify that we can run on JRE 8 (COLLAB-682)

  • fixed - Perforce update-changelist trigger fails when workspace has the "Host" field specified (COLLAB-667)

  • fixed - Uploading a new version of a file changed chat icons from acceptance to chat icon (COLLAB-226)

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