Version 4.0.814

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 4.0.814. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • added — Added commands "ccollab admin review participant assign", "ccollab admin review participant remove", and "ccollab admin review comment create"

  • added — Added command "ccollab admin review defect create"

  • added — Global option for SMARTBEAR_PROCESS_USER_WAIT

  • added — Support clients working in ClearCase view directory (Case 37082)

  • added — --creator option to "ccollab admin review create"

  • added — add "ccollab admin review defect mark-external" and support defect id "last"

  • added — trigger talkback to set review access restriction (Case 36783)

  • fixed — New user registration on login page fails (Case 37448)

  • fixed — AccuRev integration predecessor algorithm should be "previous occupant" (Case 36970)

  • fixed — Make skip unchanged preference work with new diff viewer (Case 36422, Case 37397)

  • fixed — Intraline diff highlight expands to include entire SGML tags, making it hard to understand what actually changed. (Case 35430)

  • fixed — 'ccollab set username' has poor error messaging (Case 37225)

  • fixed — ' ccollab info' messaging has bad formatting (Case 37226)

  • fixed — adddiffs with no third argument causes NPE (Case 37303)

  • fixed — Default Perforce p4port to 1666 if not specified anywhere at all

  • fixed — auto-detect ClearCase in view root directory

  • fixed — Custom reports creates links too long for IE (Case 37551)

  • fixed — Diff viewer title should lead with file name (but not full path), so it will show up nicely in the task bar. (Case 37547)

  • fixed — Underscores occluded when intraline diffs wrap (Case 37436)

  • fixed — Error in toolbar application when launching application twice (Case 37550)

  • fixed — Empty Boolean type options cause NullPointerException (Case 37508)

  • fixed — Diff viewer should scroll new selections somewhere toward the middle of the page. (Case 36634)

  • fixed — Completed reviews should not use current date to determine if review is "overdue". (Case 37587)

  • fixed — NullPointerException in CvsClientConfiguration. (Case 37574)

  • fixed — read config files and ccollabgui scm config settings on a best-effort basis

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