AQTime Data Files

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime projects are stored as .aqt files. These files include the following information:

  • The list of profiled modules
  • Settings of profiling areas, triggers and actions
  • The selected profiling mode and the selected profiler
  • The list of files to be excluded from profiling (for project) and project search directories

AQTime saves these settings to a project file when you close the AQTime project and loads them from it when you open your project.

Profiling results are stored separately from AQTime project files. Each result set is saved to an individual .bin file having a GUID-like name. The result files reside in the project_name_Results subfolder of the project folder. Profiling results can be stored in two formats: in .aqr files and in .bin files. The .bin format is used in most cases, while the .aqr format is used when exporting and importing results, because such files contain some excessive information.

The following files are used only if AQTime runs as a standalone application:

  • In the <AQTime>\Views folder, there are profiler_name.qtview files. They store result views defined for each profiler. See Result Views.
  • The current panel layout on the desktop can be saved anywhere you wish as a .qtdock file. To save the panel layout, use View > Desktop > Save Docking to File from AQTime's main menu. To load the layout from a file, use View > Desktop > Load Docking from File.
  • The current toolbar settings can be saved to an .aqtlb file by selecting View > Desktop > Save Toolbar to File from AQTime's main menu. To load the toolbar settings from a file, use View > Desktop > Load Toolbar from File.
  • The Save Desktop As item of the View > Desktop submenu will save the panel layout along with the toolbar settings to a .dtf file. To load the desktop settings from a file, use View > Desktop > Load Desktop.
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