Uninstrumented Modules Dialog (Light Coverage Profiler)

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime displays this dialog when you start the Light Coverage profiler in the “in any process” profiling mode, and it cannot analyze the code you selected for profiling in the Setup panel. AQTime will not profile the modules listed in the dialog, nor will it generate results for them.

The dialog lists all the problematic modules, and for each module it displays the reason explaining why the module cannot be profiled. The following reasons are possible:

Reason Description
The application type is not supported. The >Light Coverage profiler does not support the code type of a module.

Note that the Light Coverage profiler running in the “in any process” mode can profile only native (unmanaged) code.  .NET, Java and script code is not supported. These code types are supported if you run the profiler in the “in debuggee process (normal profiling)” mode. You can change the mode in the Light Coverage Profiler Options dialog.

There is no external debug information for native routines. There is no debug info for a module or its debug info is excluded from profiling.

It is possible that all of the modules that you included in profiling areas in the Setup panel are mentioned in this dialog. This makes profiling meaningless, as no results will be generated. In this case, the dialog shows an explanation at the top and displays the OK button that closes the dialog.

If profiling settings include code parts that can be profiled, the profiling can be meaningful. In this case, the dialog displays two buttons: OK that starts the profiler, and Cancel that aborts the run.

Select the Don't show again check box, if you do not want to see this notification next time. Note that this will disable the Show Unavailable Modules warning option, and AQTime will stop displaying this warning for all the profilers, not just for the Light Coverage profiler.

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