Message - 'To get complete profiling results, you should add the module(s) to the project.'

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This message appears when you start profiling of your VCL application with the Allocation profiler. The profiler monitors calls to memory management routines and tracks the creation and deletion of objects and memory blocks. If your application was compiled with the Build with runtime packages option enabled, the binary code of memory management routines is typically included in packages, but not in your executable. If these packages are not added into your AQTime project, AQTime cannot profile the memory management routines.

At the Allocation profiler start, AQTime searches the debug information for memory management routines. If it does not find the routines, it displays this message to inform you that you should add packages to your AQTime project. If you do not add the packages, memory management routines will not be profiled.

For more information, see Allocation Profiler - Analyzing Delphi Applications and Allocation Profiler - Analyzing C++Builder Applications.

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