User Interface Dialog

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The User Interface dialog is used to configure the docking settings and the appearance of the AQTime environment and to set the preferred style and options for all user interface elements. This dialog is only available if AQTime is running as a standalone application. To call the dialog, select Options > Options from AQTime’s main menu and in the resulting Options dialog, select the General > User Interface group.

The following options are available:

  • Look & Feel - Specifies the scheme that determines the appearance and behavior of AQTime's user interface. The available values are:

    • Standard
    • Enhanced
    • Flat
    • Themed (applies the current Windows style to AQTime’s user interface)
    • Office 2003 (resembles the scheme used in Microsoft Office 2003)
    • MS Visual Studio 2005 (resembles the scheme used in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005)
  • Caption buttons
    • Show hints - Specifies if a hint is displayed when the mouse cursor is over buttons located in the caption of docking controls. See Docking.
    • Show the Help button - Specifies if the Help button appears in the caption of docking controls. See Docking.
    • Show the Hide button - Specifies if the Hide button appears in the caption of docking controls. See Docking.
    • Show the Maximize and Restore buttons - Specifies if the Maximize and Restore buttons appear in the caption of docking controls. See Docking.
  • Auto Hide - Options of this group affect the auto hide mode, which is enabled when you click the Hide button displayed at the caption of a docking control. Only the caption of the docking control remains visible on the screen. When you place the mouse cursor over that caption, the docking control will be displayed automatically. When you click outside of the displayed docking control, it will be hidden automatically again.
    • Enable auto hide animation - If this option is enabled, the automatic hiding and displaying of docking controls will be animated as if these controls are being rolled up or unrolled respectively. The speed of this animation is set with the Auto hide speed option. If this option is disabled, docking controls will be hidden or displayed immediately.
    • Auto hide speed - Specifies how quickly docking controls will be moving when they are being hidden or displayed automatically. This speed is given in pixels per second. This option has effect only if the Enable auto hide animation option is enabled.
    • Auto hide delay - Specifies the delay (in milliseconds) after which AQTime will start hiding or displaying docking controls automatically.

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